Ultra Thick Individual Eyelash Extensions - SHORT

RRP: £2.99
SKU 626-01
  • Short (8mm) Fake Eyelashes
  • Pack Contains 60 Eyelashes
  • Knotted 10 Ply Cluster Eye Lashes
  • Curled, Weightless & Easy to Apply
  • Amazing for Beginners & Salons to Create a Natural Look

If you’re just starting to develop your skills at applying eyelash extensions or an experienced technician our eyelashes are perfect because they’re so easy to handle and affordable. These eyelashes are so comfortable you can wear them for weeks. 

Fyne has become a leading brand in eyelashes because we have been focused on our mission to provide affordable products that create an impactful look. With over 15 years of experience, we at Fyne are experts in creating amazing long-lasting eyelashes that will not break the bank. Our Ultra-Thick Eyelashes are knotted, semi-permanent & curled.

Markup 71% profit margin 39%

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